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Surfing in Maldives

North and South Male’ Atoll

Surfing season in North and South Male’ atoll is mid April to end October with the wind prevaling any direction from Southwest to Northwest.

Swell direction is most often in a Northeasterly direction. Suitable point can be found in North male’ atoll any time during the season. South Male’ requiring a bigger swell, is most often surfed when the breaks in north Male’ atoll are at their extreme.

South Male’ Atoll
While South Male’ atoll has a number of breaks the rideable ones are often twin Peaks Riptides, both are mellow and natural long rides.
Outer Atolls
Seoson; Mid April to end of October There are numerous breaks in Mulak atoll (meemu), Kolhumadulu (Thaa) and Hadhdhumathi (Laamu). The breaks are farless crowed the those  of North and South Male’ Atoll. We recommend a minimum of 9 days for a surf tour covering these atolls.
Surf Points in North Male’ Atoll (See the Map)
This is a left ride starting from mellow growing hollower insidecreating a perfect barrel. This is one of the best left rides in North Male’ atoll.
This is a natural (right ride). The breaks has three sections. The first peak is mellow leading ot the second peak which is hollow creating a perfect barrel. The third peak is hollow and fast.
This is a natural and the most perfect wave for long boarders. While the forst peak is mellow, the second peak is way to fast.
This is a natural. The first and most perfect right hander creating two sections: the first peak mellow leading to the second peak, both perfect barrels giving a ride of approximately 200  meters.
This is goofle or left. The first peak is mellow, the second peak attaining a height almost double the first giving a long perfect ride.
Works same as Cokes.
Long natural ride ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers.
Breaks in Outer atolls;
Mukuru Atoll
Veyvah. This is a left affording a long mellow ride. Boli Mulah. This a natural suitable for biginners Muli. This is a hollow right with one peak.
Farmers. Works only and high tide. A life time ride when it is on.
Lammu Atoll
Mundu. This is a hollow goofle which more often requires a bigger swell. Maabaidhoo. This is a hollow natural requiring often a bigger swell. Ying Yen. This is a natural ride in three section creating a perfect barrel.
Luckury Package

We have good news surfers. We are offering surfing aboard M/Y Manthiri, a luxurious Live-aboard offering Spacious accommodation in 4 twin cabines and 2 doubles with queen size beds. The cabins have storage lockers, Minibar, and large en suites with hot and cold water on tap ans shower and hairdryers.

The 25 metre vessel hosting maximum 12 surfers is fully air-conditioned. Sufers will  enjoy the vessel’s large salon with domestic type sofas offering homelike comfort. When the day’s sufing  is over relax in salon equipped with the music system and TV or star gaze on the  lounge on the sundeck drink in hand supplied from the bar in the shaded area of the sundeck.

The vessel is supported by a dhoni to drop the surfers at the surf points and pick them up when needed. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and the afternoon snack and tea coffe will be served on board the mother vessel.
Our surf guide and crew are one of the finest found on any vessel anywhere in the world.

When you chose a surf resort, your surfing bis most often limited to the house reef of that particular resort.

Surffing on manthiri open you the entire North Male’ atoll which has 6 to 8 surf points, namely, Chickens, Cokes, Ninjas, Honkeys, Himmafushi, and Tombstones, or if you wish we could also cover the surf points in South Male’ atoll from Lucky Jobs to Riptides.

You will start your surf day at 6.00am after crakers tea coffee. You will take a short break from the surfing to have your full breakfast at 9.00am and lunch at 1.00pm. You will have a short break in the afternoon for tea or coffee and a snack. The surf day will be over at6.00pm.

This surf package offers you the best of both worlds: the comfort of a hotel and the convenience and variety of liveaboard surfing.

Surf Spot
  Left   Reef-corel   Experienced surfers
  Right   Reef-corel   Experienced surfers
  Right   Reef-corel   All surfers
  Left   Reef-corel   All surfers
  Right   Reef-corel   Experienced surfers
Economy Package
If you are looking foa an economicle package doesn’t despair, we have the right package for you. Here we  are offering accommodation in a guest house  in  himmafushi for the night. The guest house has air-conditioned rooms with attached toilet and a comfortable sitting room. There is boat to take you to the surf points. Packed breakfast and lunch will be served on the dhoni while dinner will be served in a restaurant in Himmafushi. Your surf day will start at 6.30am and end at 5.00pm and will cover the surf points in North Male’ atoll.

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